Monday, September 16, 2013


 I love this sentence:

“My mom could make an ordinary afternoon an event.”

This quote was from Lisa Jo Baker on A Holy Experience in July.
She grew up in South Africa.  Here is her blog

My mom here in this photo with  the oldest of what turned out to be 8 ( by 1961 when my youngest brother Jimmy was born).   This is September,  1955 as he went off  to Mount Hermon Prep School in Mass.  from Long Island, NY.
I had been born in May. Actually, my mom had twins( I have a twin brother) as #5 and #6. 


          My sister in law who married the guy in the photo above when he was 35 , my mom, me in the big glasses, and my youngest brother Jimmy.


podso said...

Wow Bonnie do you look like your mom! And Emma favors you in the second picture! Great memories for you I think!

walking said...

I definitely see the likeness between you and your mom, Bonnie! Neat!

Gail said...

Do you know I never knew the timing of that. Jock leaving for school as mom was presented with twins. LOVE< LOVE,LOVE the second picture. It is so typical of everyone in the picture!!!

Jock Bethune said...

Actually, I started at Mont Hermon Sept. 10, 1958 and not 1955!!