Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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We None of Us Deserve Forgiveness

 I met this writer/teacher/friend of a friend/ Rabbit Room person last week. 
She is taking a leap of faith at 30 to write , edit, and see what happens. 
For one place , she will be helping with editing CURATOR MAGAZINE.

Met Carrie thought this friend Julie: GREENER TREES.

I am working on workshops for this conference next week.
New local and with that probably new attendees but there are 
so many dear friends who make the journey across miles upon miles to 
be there. It is more than a conference but a taste of truth, goodness , and beauty. 
There is a very good blog on the site if you are interested in Charlotte Mason 
and how to implement her methods. 

                                                 The Madonna di San Sisto by Raphael

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