Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It is the end of March and here in the South I sit in front of  a fire in the hearth.

I am on Spring Break from teaching , although a stack of thesis papers awaits my pen. 
Hearthside slows me down today. It is warm by the fire.

When you have a week off you think about getting
things done. We have done some:  

- saw the musical Wicked
- watched Lincoln
- watched The Hobbit
- celebrated my #2 son's 27th birthday twice
- listened to St John's Passion by  Bach, sung by my church choir ( husband is a tenor)
- reading my stack of books

Kristin Chenoweth's last performance of FOR GOOD:

highlights from her last show: really funny

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melissa said...

Rented 'The Hobbit' here over the weekend, and so enjoyed it. You're much busier than I am, though...you classy babe, you. :)