Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Year

I am starting the New Year with a cold.
Fighting it strong.
Airborne, tea made for colds, sleep and naps, and quiet.
It is very grey outside and wet. 
It is very much how I feel. 
I finished Anna Karenina yesterday. 
We saw Les  Mise for the second time. My daughter for the 3rd time. 
We are humming and singing songs about Grace. Fierce beauty of Grace.

“When presently the twelfth stroke of the clock shall have sounded, we stand again at the opening of a new year. For that year also God appoints the beginning. He plants it. His divine hand commits the germ of it to the life of the world. But likewise His is the knowledge of what the end of the year shall bring us. Whether for you, for one of your dear ones, it shall be the last year of life; or whether for you or for one whom your soul loveth, it will be the year of conversion and of coming into life; whether roses will be strewn upon your way, or thorns on the stalk shall smart and wound you. He knows all the trouble that this year shall burden your heart…. And therefore do not fear and neither be afraid, but now at the change of years, in childlike confidence grasp the faithful hand of that Father who is in heaven.”
Abraham Kuyper


Nancy Kelly said...

My Katie and I just packed up and drove to see it yesterday. We so needed this time alone and I'm so glad we went. It was a grace, for sure, to just be able to go during this time. The fact that she just finished the 1200+ page book made for delightful discussion afterwards as she filled in some of the blanks for me! I think I'm really going to like having a teenage daughter. (I already do!) Hugs and Happy New Year to you, Bonnie.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I keep hearing only good things about Les Mis....must get out and see it!

Take good care of yourself; if it is the cold that's been going around, everyone seems to be under the weather for three weeks and the cough hanging on . . . lots of rest and chicken soup helped me feel better eventually. Get well soon.

walking said...

While in Kansas, we saw several movies and were surprised at how many great ones are in the theater right now. Les Mis was definitely one of the best!

I hope you are feeling better soon. Airborne helped us fight off colds the week of Christmas. Keep resting and reading!

Bonnie said...

Feeling a bit better, friends.
Will post something soon.
Did everything to fight this cold and love Airborne.