Thursday, January 24, 2013

Story lovers

Really good podcast The Art of Spiritual Subtext,”   by Sarah Clarkson 
and Lanier Invester.
( Part 2 here)

 I've read Elizabeth Goudge and only part of Brideshead Revisited by 
Evelyn Waugh. You know when you reread a book at another time in your 
life, you see with new glasses. These old eyes see anew. 

Almost finished with The Four Quartets. I read half of it  tonight. 
Quartet 1 and 2.  Burnt Norton and East Coker. 

Snow or ice  on its way tomorrow. 
Schools already anticipating closing. 
We got a public school call tonight  all in Spanish. 
( what was that about?!!)

Cold tonight. 
Snuggle up. 
Get a cup.

1 comment:

podso said...

Why would you get a call from the Public school system? And in espanol? Wow, stay warm and enjoy the storm, such as it is.