Thursday, October 4, 2012

there is something about...............

Sitting here with my oldest while he downloads photos from a recent trip.
I am thinking about being blessed. 
 It is getting late.
Well, his wife is probably asleep. 
She is a teacher. Not the kind that I am.
One that gets up early , works all day with 80  seventh graders learning their native
language : English.  Funny how that can be hard. They speak the language, listen to the language, read in the language, but still it becomes hard to do all of those  in your native language.

Yea, the flashdrive is almost done, so he is going home. 
(Full of photos from South Dakota.)
She didn't go on this recent trip.
She had to teach.
She is up for Teacher of the Year at her school. ( Yea!)
He went with his dad to see where his dad grew up.
Down memory lane for my husband plus they went to a buffalo round up.
( real cowboys, real buffalo)

Photo from one of the many weddings this year.
Rehearsal dinner ~

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melissa said...

You're a sweet momma.