Thursday, October 18, 2012

early voting

I got to the library  this morning after trying to find out who the conservative judges 
are to vote for. THEN, a lady in the parking lot hands me a whole sheet with the same ones. I could have saved a dear friend time if I had known it. She texted me for about 30 mins with names!

 As I was in line outside , an older man was telling friends about his first vote for Adelaide Stevenson! ( against Eisenhower!) Then he said his mother told him he saw FDR 
when he was 4 ( 1930"s) in a carriage coming down Tryon Street in Charlotte! I wish I had been closer to hear more of history that he had seen!

As I turned the corner inside, there about 12 people ahead of me was my oldest son! 
( his lunch hour) His head towers above crowds! ( 6'5") 

Total time: 65 minutes.

ON Election Day, I teach and then monitor the teen choir. 

Watched Makoto Fujimura tonight LIVE from NYC speak on Culture Care. 
The same principles of environmental care need to be applied to culture.
I love his questions: Why are we still looking at STARRY NIGHT? listening to Bach?

Mako ended with TS Eliot and The Four Quartets which guided him the dark 
winter of post 9/11 living near Ground Zero. Words to give hope. 

Needed these word after voting today.

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