Monday, September 5, 2011


Glad to have a rest on this
rainy Labor Day. My high
school Antiquities Class starts
tomorrow. Charlotte Mason said
Education is a Life. It is an
Atmosphere..... and the start of
Education is a Discipline. The
work of reading and thinking

They have been reading
their choice of anyTolkien books
this summer. I'm sure JRRT would
be thrilled to see his fantasy myths
start off a year in Ancient Literature.

I hope to post a writing exercise
after we do it that I did with
Lauren Winner at her writing
workshop a few years ago. Time
does fly ~~we will be looking
at that from John Milton:
On Time as God created Time on Earth
in Creation

Nadine Rippelmeyer

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Brenda Williams said...

Bonnie, in response to your "writing exercise" part of this post, there is a blog that I like that belongs to a writer. She has regular writing prompts on Fridays. I think this would be of interest.
Her regular blog is good too.

I am also excited about Beth's class. Jonathan really enjoyed it last year, and he is fortunate to have the opportunity to study with her again. She is wonderful!