Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am looking
at the Yarn Stores for
the NY Yarn Crawl this
weekend. I am not there
or going there BUT
I can pick up needles
and yarn and next trip
go here:

Brooklyn General Store

Great video with this song.
It made me smile tonight!
Don't you want to sit in
and take a seat.


born to hum

once in the spring of my 24th year
i had nothing to say.
with a dangling promise and
a terrible past
i threw all the words away.

we were born to hum.

you were the last in my 24th year
to make a demand of my voice.
i tickled your ear and
i laughed in your face and
i gave you my choice.

we were born to hum.

it's a gradual running,
a kind of release
that's settled on my face.
once in awhile i complain to myself,
nothing gets done!
nothing's in place!

but i would rather hum.
i would rather hum.

© 2003 Erin McKeown

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Nancy Kelly said...

Deeelightful! I sent that to our handicrafts gal. I want to go!