Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Way to do a Book Character Sketch

My high school literature students
picked a Mark Twain book to
read over Spring Break :one they
had not read. One student had
already read his new autobiography
that was just published and gave a
"Book Talk" on it before break.

I borrowed this idea from my
wonderful daughter-in-law who is
an 8th grade English teacher .
It was fun yesterday. It especially
helped with so many reading
different books. It is a creative
narration of a Character.

1. Pick a character from your book .
2. Draw a body.
3. For the backbone: draw what drives the character.
4. For the mind: what the character thinks about.
5. For the heart: what the character loves.
6. For the eyes: what does the character focus on.
7. In the hands: put something that is associated with the character, what he does or makes you think of the character ( ex: a paintbrush for Tom Sawyer)
6. Put what the character is standing on: a foundation that is what he beliefs about life are.

Then from their Commonplace Book they picked out quotes to put around the body-character.

All done with the background soundtrack
of The King's Speech!

A lovely atmosphere that Charlotte Mason
defined " Education is an atmosphere, a discipline,
and a life."


rachaelnz said...

I love that idea! I must try it with my girls sometime.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Very creative and fun. And great music for inspiration! I am trying to imagine what the result would look like....

I adore your new header...knitting and watching the sea for the loved one's return, with bare feet too....wonderful!