Monday, March 28, 2011

Thinking Thankfulness

Back from Spring Break so
to speak. Emma is in a
Vaudeville show that will
minister to Seniors this next
month of April. You know the
old songs: Button Up Your
Overcoat, etc..... with parasols
and hats and long Victorian
skirts! A little song and dance
to made the foot tap. JOY!

So thinking about all the
creative art ~~ I'm thankful.
to those who are so gifted to
take on a vocation to teach
students in the homeschool world.
It is huge to see someone who loves
what they were made to do DO IT in
front of my daughter!
Lots of practices
this week to prepare.

I saw Screwtape Letters yesterday
that was in town just for 2 days
from NY. Mac Mclean did an
outstanding performance of
Screwtape which he pronounced
with many syllables ! Live theater.
You know the place is Hell.
Really makes you
think about spiritual warfare.
You can watch the beginning here.
And if you want to watch a 5 minute
interview , click here.

Reading those letters:

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