Monday, March 7, 2011

Back in Town

I feel full.
When you are full,
you have to wait to
get hungry. I think
it will take awhile.
There were new writers
and poets
and dinner with
this author-poet
( She posted a poem today
to me and Brooke
who joined us for Mexican)
and even a wonderful
British actor who made
me laugh. I'll post podcast
links when The Kindling
posts them. This
funny actor made me
feel joy in new ways.
He made me look
at God's love deeply when
he said : I know that I am
loved. ( in his purple pumas!)
He said that over and over
again. God does too. All over

Here is a podcast with Nigel
and Dick Staub on CS Lewis
Quotes that Shaped Me.

Do you have any which
shaped you?

Makoto on Emily Dickinson
was similar to his words in A
Letter to an Artist:

Growth comes by understanding how limited you are. Learning to use your wings means learning the discipline as a means to grace. Give yourself boundaries and goals; start with small things, like having a small table dedicated to your poems. Emily Dickinson wrote her poems on a small 18 inch by 18 inch desk in her room in Amherst. Do not put anything other than your poems, though, on that area. Guard against the world invading your boundaries. Learning to paint, play the piano, or dance has much to do with keeping your self-set boundaries, otherwise you will not own your craft. We are each given unique wings with unique particulars of how to use our wings; no one else can fly for you. You have to jump off the edge, and spread your wings.


Unknown said...

Wonderful! It's been a year since our NYC adventure and I find myself itching to get back. Welcome home.

Nancy Kelly said...

Sounds so very RICH! And now L.L. has written you a poem. I'm so glad you are full today.

Feel free to share more,