Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Watching for Idols

And that does not mean American Idol!!
It is the ones in our hearts. Lots of them.
That was the discussion at Book Club.
I highly recommend Tim Keller's book
Counterfeit Gods. It was a reread for me
and I think better the second time. His genius
is getting to the heart of the matter. He gets
down to the bottom layers.

I can count on my dear friend Podso to
do a lovely blog on our time. That is my
grandmother's china!

Leaving on a long weekend to the mountains
tomorrow as the heat arrives. Maybe it doesn't
like heights!


Brad said...

I read Keller's Prodigal God and loved it. Looking forward to getting the time free to devour his latest. Thanks for the reminder.


Unknown said...

Beautiful table, Bonnie.

melissa said...

Hope your hip behaves while you're out of town, and that you return refreshed. :)

Love to you, sweet thing.