Friday, July 23, 2010


Heading to the beach for a week with
4 of my siblings ( 5 of us out of 8 will be
there) and 2 of my children. One son
will come down for one night to get the
other son. Paul MacCartney comes into
town and wooing those two back home
midweek! We would go, but I'm too old
to leave the beach if I really, really don't
have to. Would you?!!

Gathering my stack of books, good food,
and heading to the airport today to pick
up my oldest brother. He flies like we drive.
Retired American Airlines.

And this bit from my Scripture reading this
morning, in the rabbit trails of connections to
a new word. From Morning by Spurgeon to
Jer. 3 to my new found Bible at an Antique
Store ( James Moffatt translator, which Amy
Carmichael used among her many translations)
came this word: O TURNCOAT CHILDREN. He called the
Israelites Turncoats. English Standard calls them Faithless!
JER. 3:14

Good recipe here : Blueberry Breakfast Bars.
I made them last night to take IF they don't get
eaten today! Blueberry and Peach....summer!

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Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Enjoy your time at the beach! No...I would not leave the beach, not even for a former Beatle!! Much more enjoyable to watch the splendor of water, sand and stars than deal with noise and crowds.

I'll be flying to Seattle in a couple of days for a family reunion...looks like we'll both be surrounded by family and doing fun things this week.