Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Odd heat

So very odd to put on the air
conditioning now.
Where did the heat come from?
It was a source of comment everywhere
I went today, except the library.
That was a quiet solemn place.
Many had lost their jobs last week.
It just seems odd too. Shorter hours.
Day closed in the week now. The workers
have a harder time getting the hours
they need.

It is hard when it is a favorite place.

We watched The Blind Side tonight.
That story has HOPE written all over it!
Better yet. It is true.


podso said...

Glad you saw the Blind Side. The knitting girl in your header looks hot, like the weather there is warm. I wonder how one can knit when it is so hot? Maybe it's just our weather that makes me think she also is warm. Cooler temps on the way!

From the Kitchen said...

Podso just directed me to your site. I'm a library board trustee who, with the rest of the board and the library, is working for a much-needed new library. We've long outgrown our Carnegie Library and it's addition. I think that in times like we are in, libraries need to extend hours and programming instead of finding themselves having to cut back. There's so much a library can offer in addition to books. We find our computers in constant use. Many of those users cannot afford the internet or even computers. Our programs are full and overflowing. So far, we've not had layoffs or reduction in hours but it's always on our minds. I don't know what area you are in but I hope your libraries can find a way back.