Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Sings

popping out.

This azaela is old and
dawns such glorious deep
color like a lady
dressed up for a party. Spring's cooler
weather has returned to us after a few
Summer days. ( HOT)

Today ,prayer is in my heart and mind.
Great needs around us , especially for one
particular friend who is again out of work.
No unemployment this time.
We pray and wait . I watch her strength as
she, a single mom, sees God provide.
He provided a free place to stay.
He provided a job for 18 weeks. A good job
I watch her faith grow.
I watch her work hard
in her prayer life and
her daily grind of pressing
these buttons to fill out applications.

We bow down and worship.
It changes everything.
Sort of like the azaela. She spreads her
cloak to the ground!

holy experience

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