Monday, April 19, 2010

Local foods

We ate well this weekend up in the
N.C. mountains! I was thinking today
how good food , homemade food ,is a
gift. All the restaurants we ate at were
locally owned. So the cooks were local.
That makes it different when you order!
You know that a chain restaurant tastes
basically the same no matter where you are.
( Read The Geography of Nowhere if you
like thinking about that!)
But you need a local to say : Their basil pesto
pizza is out of this world OR everything is
homemade and served with her homemade
wheat toast! YUM. It made our trip wonderful.
It made celebrating Evan's 21st so fun.

We came with a Guinness Ginger Cake made
by a friend of our family. YUM again.
When I get the recipe I will post it because it
was out of this world! We put lemon curd and
whipped cream on top. The above photo is
from this blog and recipe.
Take a look!

So on this Gratitude Monday , I am
thankful for all those cooks. All the
good food they presented to us in their
local restaurants and my dear friend who
has a way with ingredients!

Bon Appetit!

holy experience


melissa said...

Yummy-ness indeed. :) You know, you must be one of those *the glass is half-full* folks. You always have upbeat things to say.

Thanks, sweet one!

Gail said...

That cake must be AWESOME!!
Will definitely have to make that one! So glad it was a good weekend!