Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Saga

How do we know what is true, good and
right? As we looked at movies this past
weekend, we looked how each gave light
to the question of Epistomology. Modern
man without some epistomological roots
is a tragic figure. We have to engage the
whole of Beauty, Truth and Goodness.
We can't have one without the others:
trinitarian words that make a whole.
Film is one of the best ways to get us
thinking about truth. Our saga is the journey
to Franklin, Tenn , travelling
over the Appalachains and returning within
3 days!We eat at the same wonderful eating
places. We look forward to church
early Sunday morning, usually Reformation
Sunday, then walking to the coffee shop
to get our drinks to start out back home.
Pumpkin Fest goes on in town on Sat.
and we taste of the fun during lunch and dinner.
Met this blogger and Amblesideonline Advisor
as well seeing a dear friend
(click on the word to read two articles for Childlight
USA). There are a few transplants from my city
so it is always good for the soul to reconnect and
catch up on what God has done and is doing.
Indeed, even with Dr. Grant!

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Jennie said...

Glad you had a nice time. Maybe next year??