Monday, November 9, 2009

Autumn Colors

Just a drive to the store today,
brought a great joy of thanksgiving
for Autumn Colors.
There was a hue over the landscape with
the deep red and orange and yellow and
brown. To this Lord , I am thankful.

For the deep greens of Fall harvests:
kale and swiss chard and lettuces.
To this Lord, I am thankful.
Even out of my own garden!

A new kitty brings a high pitch out
of even my husband: hello little kiki!
To this Lord, I'm thankful, Become
as little children.

And now, starting Dante's Inferno
with my high school literature students.
To this Lord, I am thankful. I will learn

1 comment:

podso said...

the autumn color is spectacular these days isn't it. The richness of the seasons is just at pure gift from our Creator. And, Bonnie, you are getting poetic!