Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More rain

It rained yesterday, all night and still today
it is wet and getting colder. We would have
a blizzard if it was really cold.

We have all gotten sweeter with this kitten!
She demands it by her presence because she
is so cute. She's on my shoulder right now and I
think taking a cat nap. She climbs up my
jeans and voila...."here I am" she mews.
My two youngest children are great as Mama
and Papa to her. They are taking turns having
her at night in their room. At least if one needs
sleep the other helps. Sound familar!!

Good books by my bedside. One is on Poetry
by one of the Southern Agararians from
Vanderbilt: Alan Tate. I highly recommend
his essays to anyone. Well, anyone who loves
poetry and teaches or wants to understand

The reader will expect to see here only the consistency of
a point of view. I hope that he will not be disappointed if
he does not find it. Yet I believe that all the essays are on
one theme: a deep illness of the modern mind. I place it in
the mind because that is the level at which I am interested
in it. At any rate the mind is the dark center from which one
may see coming the darkness gathering outside us. The late
W. B. Yeats had for it a beautiful phrase, "the mad abstract
dark," and we are all in it together.

Plus I have Tim Keller's new book: Counterfeit
Gods. I only get a page or two and fall asleep
because it is late at night when I get to it. Now I
do have some time so I'll start earlier!
Hear Keller on his book site.( the theme is idols)

And a sweet book came in my box from Canon
Press from their 1.00 to 5.00 sale this past
weekend: Sketches of Home by Suzanne Clark.
It may be a book I pass to friends to read and
write comments in. I did that with Friends for
the Journey by Luci Shaw and Madeleine L'Engle.

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podso said...

A kitty on your shoulder sounds wonderful on an evening such as this. Torrents of rain right now, and wind.