Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why's bacon got to be delicious?

I hope my meals are getting more
delicious because I'm reading through
cookbooks: Sara Foster, Tyler Florence,
and Julia Child.Sara has Foster's
in Chapel Hill and Durham. She worked
for Martha Stewart before flying south
to live out in the country and cook!
Her restaurants are like a deli , coffee
shop ~~ the one in Chapel Hill is a
gutted out A&P. It still has that grocery
store floor and has all different tables and
chairs. I think you would pick your
seating by your mood! Food is like that too.
Don't you feel like eating something on
particular days?

I made several small jars
of fresh salad dressings or marinades on
Saturday. Those were from Sara's The
Foster Market Cookbook.
One is made with cranberries.
The other is with fresh oregano. Of course,
he has a blog. It's quite good.Might give
you some ideas for new tastes and uses
of the veggies and herbs in your garden.

Smiling words in measurements of Tyler's:

~~ a healthy drink of olive oil ( not you , the recipe)
~~ 1/2 bottle of red wine you wouldn't mind drinking
~~ ....and you've got dinner

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Pat Carter said...

I love the Foster's in Chapel Hill..Thanks for the reminder...I'm loving your journey with Julia..