Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our first soup

After watching a Julia Child video on
making soups and salads, we got hungry.
We got hungry for soup. So we remembered
a beef vegetable stew in the freezer. Got out
a loaf of bread and voila. Dinner.

I learned a few tips :
~~cooked rice in a blender
with chicken stock blended to add to make
a chicken soup creamed
~~ when making potato salad , let the hot
potatoes rest in a covered pot for 15 mins.
This helps this stay firm.
~~ making beef stock: you put your bones
and onion and carrots in a pan in the oven
to brown them for 20 mins. or so. Then
put the juice in the stock water with seasoning.
~~ she measured in the palm of her hands at times.
I like that!


podso said...

I love to watch Julia Childs cook! Getting a video out of the library(?) is a good idea! I so well remember her teaching (me) to make an omelet and a delicious zuchini onion stir fry with cheese. Yum.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Soup is always good. I love just throwing things together; we had carrot soup tonight. I've never made carrot soup before...very simple and really tasty.