Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Letter writing of Julia Child

I was thinking today (amongst
many thoughts !) how Julia Child
wrote a penpal for 8 years.I met my
neighbor at our mailboxes today as I
missed the mailman for a postcard I
was sending. Her son just went off at
16 to a prestigious math and science
school near Duke Univ. I reminded her
of the preciousness of mail in a mailbox.
They do skype and email and cell phone
so why a letter. I told her an empty mailbox
is why! To be reread is why.Handwriting is
human and good for the soul! Thinking is
different and more purposed, maybe not so
fast in a letter.
I loved that Julia Child thought this penpal
was her best friend. Some of mine are in
my mailbox too!

Maybe those letters had the secrets Julia
was discovering and certainly her humor.
I marveled at her orientation to time. Her
meals took time to cook, therefore you had
to start earlier. I just throw things together.
Today we were blessed by Emma making
real mash potatoes. We even put some red
skinned ones in. She said that's how The
Cheesecake Factories mashed potatoes are.
They were yummy!

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