Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Music as you read the net

I don't have music that comes
on when you click to my blog.
Not sure even how to do that.
I could be like Wendell Berry
and not have a computer BUT
I can't. I don't even want to try.
But here's some good music to
listen to as you read ....

Josh Groban

and another by this young man.
I danced with Bryan to this and
it brought tears to both of us.

And a great version of My
Funny Valentine by Over the
Rhine. Emma and I try to sing
the long , raspy notes Karin hits.
You'll fall in love all over
again just listening. Great lyrics.
It's on Drunkard's Prayer CD:
( from the liner)

But a few months into our national tour, Karin and I realized that although good things were happening with our music, there was just very little energy or creativity or time left over for our marriage, and it was taking a toll on us. I think we had to learn that putting a long-term relationship on autopilot indefinitely can be dangerous if not fatal. We decided we had to pull the plug on the tour and go home and figure out if being together was something we were still committed to.

We opted to start over, reinvent our own relationship, dig deep and do the homework to see if we could make our marriage sing. We decided to redirect the same thought and energy, that we had been putting into writing and performing, toward our life at home together. We prayed alot. Our friends prayed alot. It was the beginning of a wonderful new chapter for us. And hopefully, some of what we’ve learned has not only made us better people, but better songwriters as well.

Born - When we came home from the tour,
we bought two cases of wine and decided
we were going to put a bottle on the kitchen
table every evening and start talking until
nothing was left. The idea was not to get
drunk, but to talk face to face deep into the night.

Drunkard’s Prayer - Everybody wants to be
drunk on the good stuff--drunk on life, love,
music, the wine of God and what not. In the
New Testament, when the believers were first
filled with the Holy Spirit and started speaking
in tongues, the onlookers thought they were
drunk. It takes some of that same holy
foolhardiness to attempt to be an artist,
a lover, a true friend, an adopted child of God.

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Anonymous said...

wow. i have often thought to use wine as a "primer" to break the ice between my husband and me. we have never broken the ice. imagine that. but he's a rather careful fellow and does not want the stuff in the house. i would welcome it. just, just to get the ball rolling. after 23 years of marriage, wouldn't it be nice to try and break the ice?