Friday, June 5, 2009

Great ART

The best artists are worth a trip
to see. That is what happened today.
We went in the rain down to
Columbia Museum of Art in SC
to see the Turner to Cezanne exhibit
that is there until Sunday from
Wales. Extraordinary what two
wealthy women, the Davies Sisters,
bought from the artists and then
gave to the Museum of Wales. Three
Monets at the end were stunning.
The colors stopped you and you had
to stare and walk close and stand back.
I've seen The Water Lilies in France
and one of his many, many were there.
The Van Gogh was the same. Much
prettier in person. Millet and Turner
were excellent and a few unknowns
to me that I will blog on later. Down-
stairs in their permanent collection
was Boticelli and one near it of
Jesus' Immaculate Conception.
That one is one to study more and
blog on. A morning in Florence,
well, almost, just over the border
to a neighboring state!

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