Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The mailman

I caught the mailman as he
returned back up the other side
of our street to post a letter.
I had put a tea scene on the back.
He said "You are just like my
wife. She even makes envelopes
out of magazines!" I told him I
would like her. He smiled "YOU
would!" That reminded me of
Beatrix Potter in her book of letters
trying to meet Charles Macintosh
who was a renown fungi expert AND
the mailman who walked 15 miles a
day in Scotland on her summer vacations
of 11 consecutive years.
She wanted to show him her watercolors
of mushrooms. A nice relationship
transposed and he is Mr. McGregor
in Peter Rabbit!


melissa said...

You do win the prize for creative uses of stationary...I'll admit. Nice you have a sweet mailman. Love conversations like that. :)

podso said...

Love this! How neat he noticed! A kindred spirit in his wife. Your notes/cards/envelopes are the best! As you know, always time for a cup of tea when one arrives in the mail, so it can be fully enjoyed and appreciated.