Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whispering of Love

Fabulous exhibit visit today
to the Mint Museum and this
painting by William Bouguereau
blew us away! Up close you
could see her veins in her hands
and even feel her skin . It was
that realistic and yes, it was painted!
Many of my students journaled on this
which I get to read next week.
Art fills some crevices of my
mind, heart and soul of beauty that can
get there no other way. I sighed as I left.

I had an odd fixation on artist's signatures.
More on that in the next blog!


podso said...

Thanks for taking me there for a few minutes!

Jennie said...

I, too, felt the same way with this painting, Bonnie!! It was so life-like; it felt like she was whispering to me!! amazing.

I loved so many of the pictures. Like the expression of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus in the Lucaviordano. He looked so reverent, dutiful, humble and loving pouring water over the Savior!

I've already been twice since opening. Hope to go back again with my mom.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

It is a beautiful painting. It must be even more incredible in person.