Thursday, March 12, 2009

cold winter returns

Photo of last week's snow before
Spring arrived. Winter is holding
on as we get some cold air and rain
coming our way. Looking out from
my front porch which is on the second landing. As my son Evan said
today, this is not cold. You should be in Boone to know COLD.
Could have fooled me as I grabbed my vest to wear to keep warm as the air is dropping in temperature.

1 comment:

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

It looks very cold to me!

Re the Brueggemann book, maybe check it out at the library? It is not about poetry as such, but about a poetic way of approaching the Gospel. He is an Old Testament scholar. I really love his writing style, if this book is anything to go by. Easy to understand but deep too. Not your usual trivial "faith-based" book.

Gosh, I hope things warm up for you there soon.