Sunday, March 15, 2009

True Freedom in knowing NO is an answer

Got to hear Denis Haack of
Ransom Fellowship on Saturday
on The Great Escape ( use of
media with that) and Calling
which always is in community.
Just a thought today that I've
been pondering from his talk:
Saying NO to needs that you might
fill for someone or in church may
be the way to freedom in Christ.
You may not have the gifts or the
calling. Sometimes you need close
community to tell you THIS is not
what you are really good at but you
are good at something else ( and name
it if you want to keep that friend!).
I have thought more about the freedom
it is to know what you can do well
and what God wants you to do. Sometimes
that has to do with passions, talents,
and the Lord saying to YOU to do something.
As one who likes to please people and to be
liked, that is empowering and definitely
full of grace and yes , freeing.
Contemplate a love that helps you live
what you were made for.

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Linda said...

Francis Schaeffer said that every need is not a calling. I've wondered that if I jump to fill a need that I'm not called to fill, then perhaps I've interfered with someone else's calling (while missing my own.)