Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Soup on a HOT day

It hit 100 degrees today.
We waited to be seated at
Sweet Basil in Southern
Pines today and it was
worth it. We had
the best cups of soup :
Sweet Bell Pepper Soup.
Yellow and creamed.
They drizzle olive oil
on top that has some
pesto in it.
Delicious! The rest of
lunch was fabulous too.
All that after picking
blueberries! 16 pints.

Photo by my sister.


Anonymous said...

That soup was so good!

podso said...

Yum! And you are getting good with the photos! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Out blog hopping. Wow, that looks yummy. 100, huh? Well, that's hot. We haven't broken 100 yet this summer. Knock on wood.