Tuesday, July 8, 2008

30 years ago

We said " I do!"

Bicolor Rose


melissa said...

Bless your hearts and how wonderful to be married that long. We just celebrated 25 and those round numbers are a joy.

Have a wonderful day!

podso said...

Happy, happy anniversary!

Bonnie said...

Thank you....my two dear
friends. Feel sort of older
in a dear way with my sweet


walking said...

Happy anniversary . . . 30 years!!! Praise God for loving, lasting marriages! You are blessed!

Nan said...

Happy Anniversary, Bonnie, to both of you! The anniversary of the date we met is July 9! (1966)

Noteworthy said...

Happy 30th Anniversary! I was in Canada all last week so just saw this. May you have many more happy years and wonderful memories together! Happy Birthday to your 11 year old, as well!