Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pumpkin Moonshine

We were reminded of one of our favorite's:
Tasha Tudor's Pumpkin Moonshine. I read it to all of my children at this time of the year. It was her very first book to be published in 1938 as a gift for her niece. A friend had a BYOP Party ~~ bring your own pumpkin to carve! She reminded us of the book. We still love to read this wonderful tale!

"Sylvie Ann was visiting her Grandmummy in Connecticut. It was Halloween and Sylvie wanted to make a Pumpkin Moonshine , so she put on her bonnet and started out for the cornfield to find the very finest and largest pumpkin.

The cornfield was on top of the hill, quite a way from the house, so Sylvie took Wiggy for company. The hill was very steep, it made Sylvie and Wiggy puff like steam engines."

That is my favorite part to read out loud and PUFF like steam engines!

The pumpkin runs away down the hill! "It leapt over stones and bushes! Bumpity, Bump, bump!"

I think we'll read it out loud. It will bring back memories of having little boys puff like steam engines! Now I just puff from getting older!


Amber Benton said...

Some day I'll remember to pick up a copy of this one. I borrowed it from a friend one year. Can you believe I only have Take Joy!?

Bonnie said...

NO, not you, my friend. I'll keep my eyes open for it for you. I do know your eyes are so fine tuned to books that there might be a story around it when you do find it!