Sunday, March 26, 2017

back in the saddle

Spring Break sometimes is around Easter but colleges and schools take it earlier
and not at the same time. Just back from my Spring Break which I took in NYC 
to see my daughter and relatives and sights. It always leaves me thinking upon 
my childhood on Long Island. We visited Sagamore Hill , home of Teddy Roosevelt,
which is near the village I grew up in. Memories flood my heart and soul. 

We moved South in 1968. 

The Bronte Sisters is on... 
be back later. 


podso said...

Welcome back. Is that where the crew team visited the president's house? I was a bit envious of your Cloister visit--a place G. and I went to several times during my sojourn down a few blocks from there.

Bonnie said...

It was my first time at The Cloisters. Could be my second favorite museum in the city.

Bonnie said...
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