Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Arrivals are hard. You have to wait. Daughter and her roommate are now over 2 hours late leaving the runway up North. 

Other kinds of arrivals are hard too.... like waiting for Christmas when we were young. 
Thanksgiving never had a waiting time to arrive until my kids flew the coop! Love having them come back. Only part of them this year as we have to share. Both sides and you know we can't go back to childhood days. 

Waiting for this daughter to come so I can watch The Crown ( she saw John Lithgow on Jimmy Fallon a few weeks ago in person) and Gilmore Girls with her. 

Waiting for arrivals. Got any? 

Little Dorrit actress and Dr. Who actor

and these Gilmore Girls....


podso said...

Ha, I just put together who plays Churchill. So so good you think it's really him. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with those you have home this year.

melissa said...

Hope you have a wonderful day, Bonnie. I realize it's bittersweet when all can't be together, but have a sweet day. Love to you and yours.