Sunday, November 13, 2016

November thoughts

It has been a few weeks since I have posted. So here are a few thoughts: 

- Magnaminous citizens.... how we need them
- Grace to Build Retreat energized my soul.
- Heard Steve Garber up at Montreat College on The Fall. He opened with Mumford and Sons to 21 Pilots to Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize with the words of his song "Everything is Broken." The artists led the way and get there first in culture. 
- The Little Bookroom is progressing. Private lending library opening next year in the basement. 
- How very precious are my students. How important their lives are. 
-  TEXT that friday morning from my daughter: I got  free tickets to Jimmy Fallon. Rocked her " little sister" in her house by taking her along. So there is a BIG then a Little then A Big then a Little: senior, junior, sophmore, and freshman) High Fived Fallon too!
( Susan B. Anthony is their house, they won the basketball tournament - every student at The Kings College is in a house and compete academically and in sports and volunteer together)
- holidays upon us... trying to make them simple... ANY IDEAS you can share? 

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melissa said...

Simple holidays? No clue, but very open to suggestions. For me it's more a state of mind than a limiting of activities. Will need to ponder.