Sunday, September 25, 2016

more thoughts on motherhood

from Rebecca Reynolds

Thoughts from an older mom (#568)
I think it's okay to share funny stories involving your kids, and by "funny," I mean those little foibles they can laugh about now or soon.
However, sharing your teenager's grave or humiliating mistakes, character flaws, or rebellion with the world is wrong--and it is especially wrong if you are using those mistakes as examples to fuel your own Biblical teaching.
Teenagers need space to grow up.
They need room to goof up.
They need the sacredness of the circle of family in which to fail.
Teenagers don't need predator parents trying to build mommy-writer/speaker platform on the quivering years of adolescence.
I don't care what sort of teaching gifts you have.
I don't care how many likes you get when you expose your children's flaws to the world.
I don't care if writing either Super Mom or Fatigue Mom posts wins trust with other parents.
You are a mother first.
Do motherhood well, then worry about building the kingdom up.
And yes, motherhood done well should cost you some blog posts, because motherhood is loyal. Motherhood is kind. Motherhood sees past the present into the future of a child.
Motherhood cares more about what's good for her kids than what is good for her audience.
If you can't illustrate your point without taking advantage of your own kids' weaknesses, don't illustrate your point. No wisdom you think you have to impart to strangers is worth your child's heart.
Whatever identity you are trying to gain as a teacher isn't worth the trust of the disciples you already have.

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