Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Almost done with this book

My daughter want to read this book after reading "Surprised by Oxford" this past summer.
Both are memoirs and I have found good writing to encourage me. She took Carpe Diem and did this with it : take hold of God–carpe Deum!

Perhaps the answer lies in when carpe diem evokes worship, whenit is a form of honoring the God who is honoring us with his presence. Put another way, when carpe diem becomes carpe Deum, or, translated loosely for our purposes here, "seize God!" Scripture constantly reminds us to seize God.

(page 97)

Peek into is Carolyn's website. She has a new book of poetry out. 


Nancy Kelly said...

I loved both of these books!

melissa said...

Yes....wonderful REAL writing. :)