Monday, June 13, 2016

good blogs for summer reading

1. Rest is the sweet sauce of labor.   - Plutarch
Nancy Kelly , a dear friend , writes on Plutarch. My middle school students loved Plutarch 
and I was stunned. How did something so hard strike their imaginations? Good history does. I am convinced this is necessary. Read here

2.Nulla dies sine linea*
*”Not a day without a line,”–the motto of the Art Students’ League in New York.
Lanier Ivester is like a blond Audrey Hepburn in her style and elegance that is embedded
in her writings. Read about Elizabeth Goudge here.

3. Great lists of summer reading by another dear friend, Liz at Living Books Library are found here and here. 

4. A dear friend is leading an online book discussion at The Rabbit Room.
Julie lives a few miles from me. Join in on the Slow Church ( you have to log in). 
Read here. 

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