Tuesday, June 14, 2016

fourth summer read

"My mother took care of her own mother the way she took care of her children, tirelessly, thoughtfully, with a firm grip, and a great deal of love."

" And I learned something, I'd thought that no one but me could save the people I loved, but that isn't true." 

"Life is short and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel with us. So be swift to love, live without fear. Your Creatorhas made you holy, has alwaysprotected you, and loves you as a mother." 

" A cold hard wall grew up between us. For years we stood on opposite sides and glowered at one another." 
                   Write me a sonnet with the wind in it, please.
Because we both heard separately the bark
of the hungry storm last night--he there, me here--
the wind tossing itself through the dark
between us, he wrote and asked.
                                                               So wind, appear,
I say, because he wants you.  Flap and nip
and yowl, Chinook, Samoon, Diablo.
Today your sizzling breath, your deadly flip
of freezing squalls tomorrow.
                                                           As you blow
through flutes, blow through these words.  Let me draw
you in and out, be near, be quiet, be our slow
breath, be us, be nothing but the bright ah!
you are.  We want your presence, though we fear it.
In the end, just these rags.  And breath and spirit.

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