Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I was just thinking about....


 Just standing in the kitchen tonight  looking at two tables set for 13 students 
and 6 moms ( Christmas tea) and thinking. 
It seems like wisdom has the answers.
It seems like it might help me see what is going on.
 It seems like wisdom has to be gotten through living through days and relationships. 

So my thought was I need wisdom. 
Maybe it will come with the new mercies in the morning. Mercies definitely will. 
Maybe I need to read a Billy Collin's poem. He tucks wisdom in the sleeves
of his humor. 

Well, those Middle Schoolers are a-coming tomorrow and one sent me this: 

We will be there! I will be playing Holy Night on my guitar. Might do a poem!

See you in  21 Hours! See Link for more info!  

WELL, he is to bring a poem.

He made my day! 

                                                    tea tomorrow

            Cake by sevphoto2 on Flickr.



Heather said...

Even the thought of being brought a poem is heart-warming, from one of your students, even more. I hope you had a lovely tea which encouraged you in your work.

podso said...

I hope it went well, Bonnie. Your tables are so warm and invite one to sit down and spend awhile. Love that you had a new poem to hear! Good to see you Monday.

melissa said...

Love this, and love the comments. And the cake....oh my.