Sunday, October 5, 2014

Heading to Hutchmoot this week

Way back in March  we got  tickets to Hutchmoot in Nashville.
It is a conference by the Rabbit Room writers and musicians. 
I compare it to a medieval guild and Culture Care of Makoto Fujimura.
Somehow meeting one person led to another and all of a sudden
I have a handful of friends who have gone to Hutchmoot. They
are Rabbit Room members.  Here is how this creative community started
and it was Lewis and his Inklings who really started it. 

You know when you do something and it seems as if the key opened
the door. Well, when you get tickets in March, they don't say WHO IS 
THE KEYNOTE speaker. LOOK who it is:

Keynote speaker : Luci Shaw

One of the workshops is N.D. Wilson.  ( Death by Living)

One with Charlie Peacock , although they may be at the same time. 

I hope to learn and see  something unique in the Christian life this week 

as these very writers and musicians share their love for words and 
music or is it musical words? I know I will see something very beautiful
in their love for each other and the One  who created them.  

Andrew Peterson, Andy Gullahorn, Jill Philips, Pete Peterson, Jennifer Trafton, 

Jonathan Rogers, Sally and Clay Clarkson, Lanier Ivester, Rebecca Reynolds
 ( I adore her poetry) 

I am thankful. 

more next week on this fabulous time in the Kingdom.....


courtney schnee said...

Bonnie, I don't think we have ever met, I know Dotsie, she sent me your blog. I was wondering if you could answer a question via email?

melissa said...

I know you're gone, but just wanted to say I'll be thinking of you as you travel. Praying you have a delightful time, my sweet friend.