Monday, September 22, 2014


a soft, indistinct sound made by a person or group of people speaking quietly or at a distance.

say something in a low, soft, or indistinct voice.

This word also means to complain. Sometimes Mondays feel like murmur. 
Now I have music on.  Spotify. Coldplay's newest album. 
It seems all about Gwyneth.  This last song is beautiful. 
Their music always, always lifts me up.

Need to listen to U2's download with Iphone 6. 
Mercies were new this morning.
I count on them.  
I am counting on His promises. 
Have had good nourishing weekends full of good conversations and good food
and loveliness in the places. 

Halfway through The Sacred Year by Michael Yankoski. 
ON the day it was released he wrote on his blog: 

Looking back, I’m so very thankful for the chance to live and to write The Sacred Year. I have put into it everything I know about writing, everything I know about the power of story and metaphor and narrative, everything I know about the truth and beauty and goodness the Creator God has woven into the very fabric of the universe, everything I hope and believe about the Good News of the Kingdom of God that is coming into our world. -

Then today my daughter went to the coffee shop and came back with a bowl
of Chick Fil A chicken soup. We sat at the island eating and sharing the first 
page of the next chapter of The Scarlett Letter. She had one word 
that crossed books she is reading . ( Longitude by Dava Sobel and I think the word
was ignamious : public shame/disgrace)  She pictured Hester Prynne right there coming 
out of prison with her  A and how Hawthorne wrote the scene. Internalizing 
a world without redemption and grace......

no murmurs from Hester yet.....

Autumn is here!

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