Friday, August 30, 2013

We about flipped

My class ( 16 this year) started Macbeth on Tuesday night after eating together
 SO when my daughter comes in to my bedroom late last night with this news: 
KENNETH BRANAGH is going to be in MACBETH on Broadway
next year and Alex Kingston ( Dr Who fans) as Lady Macbeth................well,
we screamed. THEN , we thought the show was touring before going to NY
but what is  happening is the National Theater Live is broadcasting  the performance from 
Manchester,England filmed live in July to selected  theaters. 

Some theaters. 

One just happens to be near where we live. 
We are going in November. 
It might be coming near you.
 Or another show? 

It will be Branagh and Kingston's debuts on Broadway in June. 
Just hoping. 
Henry V is my absolute favorite , then Much Ado About Nothing.
Almost a tie. 


Nancy Kelly said...

Oh, wow. I am flipping with you! It's absolutely NOWHERE near me. Sigh.

melissa said...

Not sure if it's to be here or not...must check.

Besides all that, you tickle me with your excitement. Would've enjoyed being a bug on the wall to see your hollering. :)

beth said...

Where, Bonnie???

walking said...

Oh wow!!! Pamela and I are reading MacBeth this year!!! And, now that I watch Dr. Who, I can squeal too!!!!