Monday, August 26, 2013

heard the buses this morning

Neighborhood kids got on the buses early. 
We didn't. 
We are still in summer except school never really ended with my last one 
here. Alg 2 with her brother. Math seeped into days and days for my dear 
girl who loves Humanities and reading and music and art. She has one more
week, then into an online class for Geometry. She started an online Astronomy
class for one semester. Her dad loves the sky and everything that is in it. She 
has grown up learning from his passion. Geography is another one. 
Ask him where something is and latitude, longitude and he is a walking 
encyclopedia.  A real living book who can tell tales of his travels too. 

The Astronomy  teacher has a great , great sense of humor.
 I would love for my students, even my own kids to say that about me. 
Doubt it. 

Here are Nancy's great quotes for starting. 

Finished this for our class summer reading tonight out on the back deck in the cool
dusk : 

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