Friday, April 12, 2013

a favorite

Penelope Wilcock's trilogy is a favorite. I have reread it several times. Just learned from 
Study in Brown ( tonia) that Penelope  has written more books ( I waited and waited and
 then forgot to keep checking for the last 20 years) and has a blog here. New books by 
favorite authors excite my heart.  

Here is a good blog by Lanier  on Lucy Maud Montgomery and other favorite authors.
 I didn't know Lucy Maud suffered from depression. Noone said on PEI when we visited
 in the mid-1990's. 

Good Art's Pastor blog here.  David Taylor edited For the Beauty of the Church. 


podso said...

Wow she has a blog! And loves purple. I think our 3 in one volume is loaned out now, I have recommended her books to so many. I still remember that book club at your house. Will have to find her others.

Gail said...

The Hawk and the all-time favorite, which YOU recommended to me, and I have recommended to others.