Saturday, December 1, 2012

A passing

Leslie, of Wisteria and Sunshine, Small Meadow Press, and The Bower, has cared for 
her mother so long that we readers have felt we knew her. We read about her days and 
now her passing. Leslie writes in Under My Wing: a caregiving blog :

It is tradition. And I am learning on a whole new level how much tradition and ritual and ceremonials, large and small, take us into the heart of Things...and will lead us out the other side.

Heart is full this morning like the moon these past days. Light pouring out . Luci Shaw writes: Light has the particular quality of transforming what it touches, like gold foil over the wood.

Missing my mom this morning. Here are my parents with my oldest brother , way back during WWII, right here where I live now. They go to Long Island , NY, after the war, to have and  raise 7 more children:

Growing up in the first picture. I am the first girl with my twin on the laps of my parents. This is before my sister and youngest brother are born.
 Second phtoto is for my grandparent's 50th anniversary.
Third photos is for my mother's 70th surprise birthday party. I had just had # 4 son.


Nancy Kelly said...

Yes, Lesley shared that experience so beautifully, elegantly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Fabulous pictures, too. I have much to think about, with my m-i-l now terminally ill.

podso said...

Bonnie, it is so good to see a glimpse back -- I can understand you missing your mom today. Beautiful photos and I can't get over how much family resemblance there is --I see your sibblings in your kids.

walking said...

I love the pictures. :-)