Tuesday, September 11, 2012

celebrating Autumn

My first Pumpkin Spice latte yesterday. 
Cool air at last as Autumn is booting out the heat.

Pool closed today. (It has leaks and they don't make the liner any more. Not sure what will be next summer)
(as my oldest says: first world problem. )

My students are  writing Current Event blogs this year.
Their personalities shine in the decor and the articles they find note worthy. Wouldn't our high school years have been so different with this machine instead of typewriters?!!!
( I hated typing class! I did fine but no extraordinary speed. I thought: what a boring job this would be! Who would want to be a secretary?!)

Trying to come up with a poet for the siblings of my class  to study this semester. Not sure why noone is making me sing yet. 

Update: kitchen walls almost done with new paint. Slow process now that school has started.

DNC stories still trickle in as this week starts. It is over. A 
sigh of relief is over our household and my son's! 

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podso said...

I love your son's first world comment!

And, they should have a big batch of current events for yesterday and today --- and some analysis as well. What a day!