Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Letters of Van Gogh

This is my devotional now. I've always wanted to spend a year reading them and digesting all the paintings. 
I was struck by this  important part of a letter : Couldn't one learn something from these work:

 Dear Theo  ~~ Amsterdam, April 3, 1878 

As far as being an homme intérieur et spirituel is concerned, couldn’t one develop that in oneself through knowledge of history in general and of certain people of all eras in particular, from biblical times to the Revolution and from The Odyssey to the books of Dickens  and Michelet . And couldn’t one learn something from the work of the likes of  Rembrandt or "Mauvaises Herbes " by  Breton  or "The  Hours of the Day " by  Millet or " Benedicite by   de Groux or   Brion  or  "The Conscript"  by de  Groux  or else by  Conscience , or his Apothecary or The large oaks by Dupre or even the mills and sand flats by  Michel?

It is by continually holding fast to these thoughts and deeds that we are filled with a good leaven at the last, that of being sorrowful yet always rejoicing, which will become apparent when our lives have come to fruition, bearing the fruits of good works.

                       Les Mauvaises Herbes   Breton

                                       The Hours of the Day by Millet

                   Benedicite ( The Grace) by De Groux

                       The Large Oaks by Jule Dupre


podso said...

Thanks for sharing this. I hope you have some more te before school.

Elenise said...

Thank you! I read the book now!