Friday, August 31, 2012

Is summer over?

Indian summer arrived today on the last day of August.
HOT again. Newlyweds came through town on their way to the beach.  So blessed to have them for lunch! Newlywed intown son is on 12 workdays for the DNC and all the other protests and hullabaloo! We've heard low flying airplanes late this afternoon. hmmm.......

Have a restful weekend.
Watch a good movie.
Work in the garden if it is not too hot!
Get ready for school next week.
( talking to myself here!)


Nancy Kelly said...

Praying for that son! I hope to plant a Japanese maple given to me by the Smiths this weekend. I need a few hours of putzing around...

veryblessed said...

Taking all of your advice for this weekend. :)