Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quotes for my Commonplace Book

From Miss Charlotte Bronte's
book: Jane Eyre

Mr. Rochester to Jane:

" You never felt jealousy, did you,
Miss Eyre -- your soul sleeps , shock
its yet to be given which shall waken
it. -- You will come some day to a
craggy pass of the channel , where
the whole of life's stream will be
broken up into whirl and tumult,
foam and noise; either you will
be dashed into atoms on crag points,
or lifted up and borne on by some
master wave into a calmer current--
as I am now."

" You want to read the tablet of one's

" We know that God is everywhere;
but certainly we feel His presence most
when His works are on the grandest
scale spread before us: and it is in
the unclouded night sky ,where His
worlds wheel their silent course,
that we read clearest His
His omnipotence,
His omnipresence.
I had risen to my knees to pray for
Mr. Rochester."


Brenda Williams said...

Bonnie, I looked at the Sheila Hicks links. I will definitely have to show her work to Jordan. I think she will be intrigued. Thanks for the links.

melissa said...

I so adore that book. :)

walking said...

I love that last one the most! Wonderful!